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e-Learning System
Building a Better U

Columbus State University provides all employees with access to an on-line learning system that includes e-learning courses, supporting content, and technology designed to enable you to develop new skills and find answers to important questions 24/7.

Building a Better U offers online professional development courses, certification preparation, and quick references to customized courses. Powered by SkillSoft, a leading e-Learning company, Building a Better U provides an extensive e-learning catalog and thousands of professional e-books.

Topics available include:

Personal Development
Customer Service
Process Improvement
Finance & Accounting
Project Management
Human Resources
Quality Management
Strategic Planning
Information Technology
Team Building

Accessing this resource:

Go to:
Username: Your CSU Username
Password: welcome

If you encounter any technical issues, please contact SkillSoft Support
Toll Free 1-866-SKIL-HELP (1-866-754-5435)

If you have any general inquiries about this new offering, please contact