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Human Resources


The Human Resources' Payroll Office issues payments to faculty, staff, and student employees of Columbus State University. Payroll coordinates:

  • Salary payments to employees for work performed for the university.
  • Time, attendance, and accrued leave records.

We also provide consultation to managers and users on payroll processes and procedures, and we assist employees with questions concerning their pay and deductions. For all employees, we work with external agencies and courts in providing the appropriate information when requested.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest, most convenient and most secure way to receive your pay. Effective immediately, all employees will be required to have direct deposit of pay as a condition of employment.

Advantages of signing up for direct deposit:

  • Peace of Mind/Prompt Payment: With direct deposit, you don't have to worry about receiving your payment on time because of mail delays or having your check lost or stolen. The deposit will be credited to your account on the payment date.

  • Convenience: Direct deposit eliminates the necessity for special trips to pick up and deposit payments. No more waiting in long bank lines on your lunch hour.

  • Freedom: With direct deposit, your payment will be automatically deposited into your account, no matter where you are.

  • Time savings: No more trips to the campus on your day off.

  • Weather proofing: Many times, bad weather makes depositing your check inconvenient or even hazardous. Direct deposit eliminates this problem.

Guidelines and instructions for employee time reporting

Purpose and General Information

Time is used to collect the number of hours worked per period for bi-weekly employees. All hours worked per day are reported as REGULAR hours. Hours must be recorded on a daily basis. Each week is reported separately. Overtime hours are hours worked over 40 hours per week. Uncompensated hours are the hours a full-time employee does not work and does not report sick, vacation or other exception hours. If a bi-weekly employee does not work any hours and does report sick, vacation, etc., no time needs to be entered.


It is critical that the time is approved by the supervisor. The supervisor approval denotes understanding and agreement to the hours indicated by the employee. The supervisor should review the employee's time report carefully before approving. Approving a fraudulent or inaccurate time report can result in overpayments or underpayments that are difficult to recoup or correct.


All corrections should be completed by the supervisor. This verifies that the correction is accurate and not an attempt to alter the time report.

Due Date

Time must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources/Payroll Office by noon on Friday, the end of the pay period, unless otherwise posted. We cannot guarantee check processing for time received after the deadline.

Work Study

Work Study time must be approved by the Financial Aid Office for before being turned into payroll for processing.

Monthly Payroll Schedule

Monthly employees are paid on the last working day of the month.

Monthly Leave Statement Reports are due in the Human Resources' Payroll Office on the 10th of each month unless otherwise noted.

* The leave submitted will be reflected against the next following month's check.

Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule

Time is required by noon on the Friday due date (per payroll schedule). Full-time and part-time staff and student employees are responsible for completing time entry and their supervisor/department head must approve.

Graduate Assistantship Pay Schedule

Graduate Assistants are paid the last working day of the first 5 months of each semester. Maymester graduates are paid the last working day of May. Summer Graduate Assistants are paid the last working day of June and July. The Graduate Assistant stipend amount is divided into equal payments according to the pay schedule.

Payroll Schedule Chart

2020-2021 Faculty Payroll Schedule (PDF)

2021 Staff Payroll Schedule (PDF)

Pay Type Pay Frequency Pay Date
10 Month Faculty Monthly The last working day of each month
  • Spring Semester: January through May
  • Fall Semester: August through December
Part-time Faculty Monthly

The last working day of each month

  • Spring Semester: February through May
  • Fall Semester: September through December
12 Month Faculty Monthly The last working day of each month
Salaried Monthly The last working day of each month
Bi-weekly staff Bi-weekly Every other Friday
  • 26 pay periods in a year
Graduate Assistants Monthly The last working day of each month
  • Fall Semester: August through December
  • Spring Semester: January through May
  • Maymester: May
  • Summer: June and July
Student Assistants Bi-weekly Every other Friday
  • 26 pay periods in a year