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Recruitment Process for Student Positions

If you would like to post a Student assistant, Work-study, or Graduate Assistant position on the HR employment site, please complete the Student Assistant, Work-study Student, or the Graduate Assistant job announcement forms below and send back to Human Resources for posting. Once the position is posted, then you will be provided your username and password with instructions.

If you already have a student you would like to hire as a Student Assistant or Work-study Student, you do not have to advertise the student position.

To hire a Student Assistant or Work-study Student, please submit the following HR forms to Human Resources for processing. Once all the forms are received and processed, the Human Resources Office will notify the hiring manager and the Student Assistant on when to attend orientation.

  1. Personnel Action Request (PAR) Form
  2. Employment Application
  3. Personal Data Form
  4. Columbus State University Criminal Background Check Form

For Work-Study Students Only:

Please include the Federal Work-Study Job Eligibility Form with the above required forms. This form is given to the Work-study Student from the Office of Financial Aid.

For Graduate Assistantships:

Graduate Assistantships must be approved through the Graduate School.