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Directions for Faculty & Staff

Phone numbers that CougarAlert uses are stored in ADP under the "Phone numbers" section of the "personal Information" tab. (note: CougarAlert does NOT use the phone numbers listed under "emergency contacts." Those are for HR to use if there is a need to contact someone about you individually.)

To find the right spot to update your CougarAlert contact numbers within ADP:

Sign into ADP

-  Make sure the button on the top left says "employee" (and not "manager").

-  Mouse over the tab that says "Personal Information"

-  Scroll down to, and click on, "Phone Numbers"

-  Click on the heading under "type" to change or delete a number, or click on "add new" to add a new phone number

-  Click save before logging off the system


Step 2

step 2

Step 3 & 4

step 3


Step 5

step 5